How to get your home ready to sell

How to get your home ready to sell

How to get your home ready to sell

How to get your home ready to sell


Trying to sell property can be a daunting and complicated process for any home seller. 


There are way too many things to consider: marketing, facilitating viewings, handling negotiations, and dealing with real estate agents - the list goes on, and each needs your focus, time, and effort.


For this reason, many homeowners and investors often overlook the importance of preparing the house itself before they sell it. But if you want your home sale to be a success, preparing it must be a top priority.


Your home can’t sell fast, nor can it sell for a good price, if your potential buyers view it and feel letdown by its appearance and don’t picture themselves living in it. 


That’s why presentation is everything. 


Often it’s the presentation of your home that gives potential buyers reason to consider your property ahead of others on the market. A clean, styled home is what stops viewers in their tracks and makes them think, “This is it. This is my new home.”


Why getting your home ready to sell is important 


If you don’t present your home in the best way possible, will others see how much potential it has? It’s doubtful. 


Showing an unattractive home is obviously a turn-off for anyone looking for a comfortable home to move into.


First impressions matter, and whatever your potential buyers see on your online listing or during their home-viewing will stick with them permanently. If they don’t like what they see, they’ll probably immediately cross off your home from their list of options.


People looking for a new place to move into will also look for a homely quality in it. That means the ambience should feel comfortable, welcoming, and safe. So the more preparations you make to create that atmosphere, the more drawn your viewers will be to buying your home.


Lastly, making your home presentable can increase your sales price. The better your property looks, the easier it will be for buyers to be convinced that it will be worth every single dollar.

Should you stage your home yourself or hire a staging company? 


Home staging basically means making the home as appealing as possible to your potential buyers.


Staging involves redecorating the walls, rearranging the furniture, and following strategies that will help others easily envision themselves living happily and comfortably in your property.


After all, no one can accurately visualise a space’s potential if it’s empty. That’s why home staging is absolutely essential in quickly selling your home for a desirable price.


But while staging your home will attract more buyers and can increase your sales price, hiring a home stager does not come cheap.


So will it be better for you to hire a home stager, or should you just do it yourself?

Hiring a professional to stage your home


Pros: Decorating a home is not something that everyone is innately good at. That’s why people study this process for years and choose it as a profession. Hiring a professional home stager will greatly improve the aesthetics of your home, especially if you don’t have any experience in doing it on your own. 


Hiring a home stager will also save you a lot of time since this will be mostly hands-off work on your behalf. 


Cons: As mentioned earlier, home stagers can be pricey. Hiring a home stager can cost you up to $5000 (including an early consultation that can cost between $150-$500), especially if the home you’re selling is huge. And prices may vary based on your location too.

Do-it-yourself home staging


Pros: Staging your home by yourself probably won’t be free of expenses either (you might need to buy some decent furniture, decor, paints, or wallpapers), but it will certainly be cheaper than hiring a professional.


Cons: DIY home-staging will be tedious, especially if you’re not sure of what you’re doing. Given that it will take you a lot of time to do it on your own, it might take even longer if your first few setups are unsatisfactory and your house needs a re-makeover. 


The increase in your sales price will ultimately depend on how appealing and comfortable your home is after it’s staged. So, whether you should hire a professional home stager or do it yourself depends on your budget, time, and skills.

How to stage your home for sale


They say that home is where the heart is, so you need to make your potential buyers fall in love with your property.


Your home needs to be staged in a way that appeals to most people. So while some things about your home can have memories that are close to your heart - like markings on the wall that indicate your children’s growth spurt -  you need to understand that others might find these things unattractive.


Every detail matters. So here are tips on how to properly stage your home for sale:

  1. Declutter

First things first: you need to remove all clutter. From kid’s dollhouses and bikes to family heirlooms and picture frames - these aren’t universally attractive to most viewers, so you need to remove them.


Find a temporary storage space if you don’t have a new place to put them in yet.

2.          Clean and clean some more

With the clutter out of the way, you can work on cleaning the house. We’re talking about mopping every floor space you can and dusting every corner in your home. Clean the ceilings too and make sure that all your pipes are unclogged (potential property buyers love to turn on taps).


This will give your home a more shiny, brand new look.

3.          Repair what’s broken


Broken light fixtures, taps and flushes that aren’t working, ceiling leaks - everything that isn’t working optimally needs to be repaired or replaced. This will not only make your home more appealing, but it will also help avoid any complaints from the future resident of your home.

4.          Make your home warm and inviting

Presenting a home with torn wallpapers and broken pottery is a huge turn-off for anyone - even those with relatively low standards. No one wants to buy a house that they’ll have to fix up from scratch.


So, make sure that you get those paint jobs done so you’re free to finally decorate your home.


To give your potential buyers the maximum home-like feel, make sure that your property is properly furnished but you don’t need to buy new couches and beds if you already have appealing ones you can use.


Accessorise too by adding some of these items:

  • Mirrors
  • Plants and flowers
  • Carpets and rugs
  • Lamps
  • Pillows
  • Baskets


Preparing and staging your home for sale is absolutely essential if you want your home to sell fast at a higher price. 


So while there are a lot of things to take care of when you’re selling a house, making sure that your home is exceptionally presentable should be at the top of your to-do list.


If you want to know more about staging your home, contact us.

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